Draft a Job Posting

Ensure you have completed all prior steps for recruitment before proceeding.


1. Determine whether you need to post

There are some instances where a Management and Professional Staff (MAPS) position may not need to be posted. Consult your HR Service Partner if the following three conditions are met:

  • The position has been held by an incumbent in an acting capacity or on an interim basis for a period of time sufficient to determine their suitability for the role.
  • The incumbent has already competed to join the university.
  • Approval is given by the Appointing Officer (the most senior administrator for an academic or administrative unit).

Positions that do not need posting:

  • Casual staff positions do not need to be posted (though we recommend posting).
  • Excluded students positions do not need to be posted.
  • Reappointments (extensions of existing roles) do not need to be posted.
  • MAPS positions that have received approval by the AVP, HRHSE for an exclusion to post.

No, I don’t need to post. If you determine that you are not required, skip the rest of the steps on this page.

Yes, I need to post. If you determine that you do need to post the position to the U of A Careers website, proceed to the next step on this page.

Be sure to review the Guidelines for Maintaining Records of Hiring, Search or Selection Processes .

2. Complete the job posting template

Fill in the Job Posting Template .

If you wish to post a position that is restricted to internal applicants, please indicate that in your request. The posting will include a hiring statement that indicates the restriction. To recruit from within your faculty, department or unit only, please engage your HR Service Partner.

Shared Services will automatically add in the standard university statements as appropriate:

  • Equity, diversity and inclusivity (all).
  • Foreign nationals (Canadian citizens and permanent residents are given priority).

Positions must be posted on the U of A Careers website for a minimum of five business days.

Additional requirements for support staff postings

Additional requirements for academic staff postings