Request a Job Posting

After you have Drafted the Job Posting, the next step is to submit a request to Shared Services to have the job posted to the U of A Careers website.


Before you fill out the job posting request form, please ensure you have:


1. Fill out the Job Posting Request Form
Job Posting Request Form

  • Include publications from the Advertising page where you’d like the role posted.
  • If you’d like recommendations for where to advertise, include this request in your form in the notes section. The Talent Acquisition Support service team in Shared Services can coordinate recommendations for advertising publications.
2. Submit the form

Submit the form and required documentation (budget approval, hiring approval, draft job posting and approval from Job Design and Evaluation for leave coverage extending over one year - if applicable) to the Staff Service Centre.

When requesting a posting, for a position exempt from hiring and/or posting approval, identify how it meets the exemption criteria.

3. The form is reviewed
The Talent Acquisition Support service team in the Shared Services unit reviews the form to ensure:
  • Compliance with university policies and procedures and collective agreements and handbooks for posting and advertising
  • Accuracy with the position information in PeopleSoft and the job evaluation
  • Compliance with related legislation
  • External advertising reflects professional standards and complies with immigration advertising guidelines (as required)
  • Compliance with federal immigration advertising requirements and guidelines for considering foreign national applications
4. The position is entered into the Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD)
The position is entered into the Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD) by Talent Acquisition Support, but not published, and view-only access is granted to the HR Service Partner.
5. Shared Services coordinates a Recall and/or Duty to Accommodate process

Shared Services:

  1. coordinates a Recall and/or Duty to Accommodate process, if applicable (see definitions below)
  2. provides updates throughout the process to those identified on the Job Posting Request Form as contacts
  3. publishes the position to the U of A Careers website if no Recall and/or Duty to Accommodate candidate is successfully matched to the role
6. Review applications
The online applications in RAD are reviewed by the hiring manager and anyone else who was included as an applicant viewer on the job posting request form. You should work with your HR Service Partner to determine who will be screening applicants.

Shared Services can provide support with initial applicant screening/shortlisting of candidates, providing preliminary interview guides (standard templates based on position), scheduling interviews, coordinating pre-employment assessments and checking references.

The role of the Talent Acquisition Coordinators in Shared Services is specific to recruitment support and does not include interviewing. Your HR Service Partner will work with you to determine interview support and may engage with the Center of Expertise (in Human Resources, Health Safety and Environment) to coordinate this service as needed for leadership level hiring panels.


Job postings require review time and depend on other processes such as recall, duty to accommodate, immigration consultation, and validation with Job Design and Evaluation.

As such, timelines can vary, and the Talent Acquisition Support service team will continue to update the hiring manager and the HR Service partner with the posting progress. If you have any questions about the status of your posting, please respond to the original ticket posted - do not submit a new ticket.



When support staff and academic professional officers (APOs) are disrupted from a continuing role, they may become part of the recall list -- a group of people who can be contacted and offered new positions with the university if their qualifications match a job posting.

As part of the university’s obligation within the NASA Collective Agreement and the Academic Professional Officer (APO) Agreement, the Talent Acquisition Support service team reviews support staff roles (with a duration of more than 12 months) and APO roles to see whether someone on the recall list is a potential match for the position.

If a potential match is identified, the posting is held for review. The Recall Advisor in the Talent Acquisition Support service team will contact the HR Service Partner for additional information and to discuss next steps.

Duty to Accommodate (DTA)

Staff may need to take a leave from the university due to illness or injury, and they may not be able to continue their previous role when they return to work.

Duty to Accommodate is an institutional obligation and a shared responsibility between the university and a member of the university community requiring accommodation. This means the university helps find a suitable role that accommodates the abilities of the staff member. All support and academic postings are reviewed by the Recall Advisor and if a potential match is found, a Return to Work Consultant will reach out to the HR Service Partner.

Positions will not be published to the U of A Careers website until they have cleared the Recall and Duty to Accommodate processes.