Strategic and Transformational Change Consulting

University Terrace

We provide strategic consulting services in the areas of strategic planning and transformational change to faculties, departments, divisions, central units, and the institution to support the achievement of our clients' strategic initiatives and goals.

In relation to strategic planning, we are focused on developing organizational capability through alignment of strategy, management processes, and development of workforce culture.

In relation to transformational change, we strive to maximize the adoption of transformation while minimizing the disruption to people and operations.

Our Services

  • Developing strategy focused organizations:
    • 3 to 5-year strategic plans
    • 18-month bridge plan
    • Identifying and embedding organizational values
  • Guiding and facilitating transformational change
  • Delivering change/strategy workshops 

Our Approach

The strategic plans that emerge from our projects are aligned with and contribute to the advancement of institutional strategic priorities. The transformational change and planning projects we lead contribute to the success of the institution through innovation and efficiency developed by our clients. 


About the team

We are experienced professionals with expertise in the areas of strategic planning, change management, change communications, shared workplace values, project management, and project implementation. We value our role as trusted advisors who have a positive impact on the important work of our clients.

Our Clients

Completed projects

The following is a small sample of the clients we have served for the University of Alberta:

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

  • Division of Palliative Care
  • Division of Infectious Disease
  • Division of Respiratory Medicine
  • Department of Surgery
  • Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  • Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Department of Family Medicine Research
  • Vice Dean of Research
  • Division of Pediatric Rheumatology
  • School of Dentistry 

Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Arts

  • Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies

Faculty of Education

  • Undergraduate Student Services

Faculty of Engineering

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty of Nursing

  • International Institute of Qualitative Methodology (IIQM)

Faculty of Science

  • Department of Biological Sciences

Office of Vice-President (Research and Innovation)

Research Services Office

Pediatric Cardiology 

School of Public Health

University of Alberta International (UAI)

Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology (WISEST)


Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

"I was convinced by my Assistant Chair to invite the Strategic and Transformational Change Team (STCT) to assist me and my executive team to develop an academic department strategic plan driven by active engagement with all possible stakeholders in and out of our unit. The presence of professionals as those in the STCT at the U of A, who can facilitate such transformative change within academic units, has a value that cannot be measured but must instead be experienced to understand both the extreme value and impact they are able to make. The end result is a 4-year plan of objectives linked to values, and a vision statement arising from both of the former, that were created not by the executive team, nor by the STCT, but by the data, input, and feedback from literally hundreds of stakeholders - the executive team was merely a filter and the STCT our guides on process."

Dr. Michael Caldwell, Past Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
"We now have a way forward. We now know what our department wants to achieve. We now have a plan. All we have to do is implement it. I am, and for the rest of my term as Chair will remain indebted to Strategic and Transformational Change Team (STCT) for their willingness to work with the ECE Department to help us look to the future and establish our path for success."

Dr. Ivan Fair, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
IIQM, Faculty of Nursing
"It was wonderful to have the opportunity to work with the Strategic and Transformational Change Team (STCT)—I learned a lot from that experience. I am also very proud of the strategic plan that we created as a team."

Bailey Sousa, Former Director, IIQM, Faculty of Nursing


VP Services & Finance