March 2022 Lunch & Learn Bulletin

Each month Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment offer a number of one hour sessions devoted to the dimensions of health and well-being. This month will focus on workplace relationships with regards to gratitude, assertiveness and psychological health and safety, as well as a study in happiness.

All sessions will run from 12–1 p.m. unless noted otherwise and will be delivered online. Register through the LearnCentre by clicking register and then using the “enroll” button on the top right. New to LearnCentre? Access LearnCentre and scroll down to view this event under available sessions.

Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces

Cecile Schultz, EFAP
Tuesday, March 8

What is psychological health and safety and how does it connect to the workplace? What is the National Standard of Canada? What are workplace factors? In this one hour session participants will learn about the National Standard, workplace psychosocial factors and what resources are available at UAlberta to support psychologically safe workplaces.


The Science of Happiness

Glen Matadeen, EFAP
Wednesday, March 16

Scientific studies have shown that 50% of our individual differences in happiness are determined by our genes, 10% by our life circumstances, and 40% by our intentional activities. This session will introduce participants to some of the research-based “happy habits” that can be adopted to increase levels of happiness and mental well-being even during challenging times.


Assertiveness: Negotiating Respectful Interpersonal Boundaries

Cecile Schultz, EFAP
Thursday, March 24

At work and at home, in person and virtually, individuals are regularly negotiating their own needs with those of others. Choices need to be made between competing priorities. When boundaries are set, while consulting with key stakeholders before making decisions, cooperative relationships are created. This session will outline how to consciously set time, task, and role boundaries in order to create successful relationships.


Gratitude in the Workplace

Lakshmi Sundaram, EFAP
Tuesday, March 29

Practicing gratitude can have a positive impact, not only on our physical and emotional health, but additionally in the workplace. Expressing and receiving gratitude at work directly and indirectly contributes to a culture of cooperative, motivated and effective employees who give back and feel supported, appreciated and recognized and goes deeper than a simple thank you. Participants will gain awareness of strategies to improve the well- being of employees and the workplace culture and a better understanding of how expressing gratitude positively impacts our health and happiness.


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