COVID-19 resources to assist employees and their families

08 June 2020

As we adjust to changes brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, new resources are being made available to you through the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) including:

  • COVID-19: Employee Fatigue, Isolation and Lonliness - English | French
  • COVID-19: Parenting during a pandemic - English | French
  • COVID-19: Those with family members in long-term care facilities - English | French
  • COVID-19: Increases in Domestic Violence - English
  • COVID-19: Financial tips for your financial health - English | French
  • COVID-19: Support for First Responders, Front Line Workers and Public Facing Employees - English | French
  • COVID-19: Virtual workplaces, the new norm - English | French
  • COVID-19: Managing Stress and Anxiety - English | French
  • COVID-19: How to Speak to Children - English | French
  • Quelling COVID-19 News Anxiety - English | French
  • COVID-19: Tips for Working at Home - English | French
  • EFAP i-Volve Support Programs for Anxiety - English | French

These resources can also be found on Homeweb, an online platform available through the EFAP that offers access to personalized health and wellness tools, resources, and support.

To access Homeweb:

  1. Visit and enter your name and personal information. Homeweb will keep all of your information completely confidential.
  2. Enter University of Alberta as your Company Name/Organization.
  3. Choose how you are related to the University of Alberta.
  4. Click Sign In.

You can view all COVID-19 resources by selecting the COVID-19 category.

Please note that all University of Alberta staff, faculty, graduate students and their eligible dependents have access to the EFAP. View the EFAP Services web page for more information.


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