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09 December 2020

Leading Others

Leading and Influencing as a Department Chair

February 23 - April 8, 2021 | Online Bootcamp

Assess your leadership effectiveness and gain confidence in your ability to be your best self as an academic leader.

5 Leadership Lessons Hidden in the Coronavirus Crisis


In this article, the president of the Hollins University offers higher-ed leaders the perspective of five leadership lessons or gifts that we can (re)learn in the midst of this chaotic moment.

Managing Up: Using Common Goals to Align Mission, Vision, Values, and Priorities

Recorded Webcast

Learn how to set common goals with your supervisor and align them to your institution’s strategic objectives.

The Skills Future Higher-Ed Leaders Need to Succeed


How do you lead when there is no map? When the territory is unknown?

Building Leadership Resilience in Higher Education


Why do the same incidents paralyze some people but act as a springboard for others to change, grow, and learn? Setbacks, mistakes, and failures are inevitable—the key is resilience. Leaders must be able to navigate these situations and not just bounce back, but bounce forward. Join leadership expert, Pat Sanaghan, online to explore resilience and understand what you can do to build this critical skillset. We’ll share practical suggestions that dramatically improve your staying power as a leader.

Building Resilience with Your Team During Uncertain Times


Learn strategies to effectively build and foster resilience in your team in times of unpredictability.

Managing a Remote Team: How to Motivate, Maintain Morale, and Ensure Accountability


Learn practical strategies to better lead your team remotely.

Personal Effectiveness

Advocating for Yourself in Personal and Professional Relationships

January 21, 2021 | Virtual Training

Learn strategies to advocate for your needs as you juggle work, home, and career progression.

Navigating Work-Life Balance as a Woman Leader in Higher Education

February 4, 2021

Start setting healthier boundaries in your personal and professional life.

Engaging in Empathy: Balance the Emotional Demands


Are you practicing empathy in a way that best supports both you and your team?

Upgrading Your Self-Care During the COVID Crisis


Are you finding that your self-care is becoming just another thing on your to-do list? Maybe it’s not a priority at all. Between taking care of your career, family, friends and household—all while working in new ways from home—you may feel as if there’s never enough time in the day to take care of yourself. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to integrate self-care into your life in a meaningful way that does not feel like a chore.

3 Ways to Improve Your Decision-Making


With so much information to process, your brain is constantly creating shortcuts — “rules of thumb” or biases that help you make decisions more quickly. While these shortcuts are meant to help you simplify a complex world, they also pose problems. With these biases humming in the background, you run the risk of making poor decisions. Watch this recorded webinar to gain awareness about common cognitive biases that impact decision-making. You’ll learn and practice three methods that can help you make sound decisions when it matters most.

Is Your Professional Development Ad Hoc or Planned?


The authors offer ideas on how we can rethink professional development as a critical asset. Access more information on Tools for Reflecting on Professional Development and Creating a Written Professional Development Plan. Also, read this article on success coaching that shows how you can turn your training into action.

Diversity and Inclusion

Understanding and Interrupting Privileged Classroom Practices

December 11, 2020 | 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. Eastern

Examine and disrupt the norms that have shaped the traditional classroom experience to create a more equitable learning environment for all students.

Foster Inclusion in the Classroom Through Formative Assessment

January 19, 2021 | 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern

This training is designed for faculty and instructors who are looking for ways to ensure their classroom is accessible and relevant for all students. If you’re interested in finding new ways to assess learning and teaching effectiveness in your classroom, this training is for you!

Those who support faculty in Centers for Teaching & Learning, as well as academic leaders such as deans, department chairs, provosts, and vice presidents of academic affairs may also be interested in the topic to learn faculty support strategies.

Using Oral History in the Classroom to Ease Collective Trauma

January 20, 2021 | 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. Eastern

Engage your students in researching and talking about the tough times we’re all going through and empower them to process the trauma associated with it.

Starting Courageous Conversations to Foster Diversity and Difference


Feel more confident promoting inclusion by beginning important dialogues at your institution. Whether you’re working in your campus diversity office or you’re building and leading a team in another department on campus, this webcast will help you gain confidence and skills in leading conversations about diversity and difference. 

Inclusive Pedagogy in Higher Education: A Mindset and Continual Practice


Learn how to shift your mindset and practices so that you don’t exclude your students and limit their learning.

Developing Social Justice Training for Student Staff: One Administrator’s Experience


Learn about the development of this training at the University of Mount Union, read responses from students who participated, and get five tips for university administrators considering such training at their institutions.

Leading Self

The Inclusive Leader’s Approach to Accountability

December 14, 2020 | 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Eastern

It is the inclusive leader’s responsibility to hold themselves and others accountable to repair harm and bring people together. This webcast is designed for all academic and staff leaders who are interested in exploring how to create an environment that embraces accountability as a learning opportunity. Whether or not you formally supervise teams, you will walk away with ideas for holding yourself and others accountable in an inclusive way.

As a Leader You Need Honest, Direct Feedback – Here’s How to Get It


“If you’re not getting information or feedback on a regular basis that is uncomfortable for you, go seek it out.” One of the traps a higher-ed leader can fall into is in believing that they are receiving accurate feedback when in fact their colleagues and team members are holding back. Here's a way to break through that trap: an anonymous 360° feedback process.

Are You A Reluctant Leader?


To confront the current and future challenges facing higher education we need our best leaders to step forward. Too often, however, leaders who have the right set of skills and motivations are hesitant or reluctant to lead. They wait to be recognized; they feel uncomfortable “selling” their accomplishments; and they don’t want to “play politics.” The unfortunate result is that neither the individual nor the institution benefits. In this webcast, we’ll differentiate from issues of self-confidence and imposter syndrome, and take a deep dive into what causes some leaders to hesitate and what they can do about it. We’ll also look at organizational factors that contribute, as well as how existing leaders can identify and support these promising new leaders.

How to Make Courageous Decisions


Making the right decisions are tough for any leader under most circumstances. But when decisions will inevitably create pushback, when jobs are on the line, or when there are no clear answers, it can be so stressful that many leaders freeze in place. How can you build the courage to act as a leader at your institution? Using real scenarios from higher education, we’ll explore a series of practical steps a leader can take to build both their awareness and ability to make decisions that are fraught with complexity and ambiguity.