Update on survey for professional development providers on using shared communication tools

An update for professional development providers on using the Professional Development digest.

07 July 2020

In May, Human Resource Services asked various professional development providers at the U of A to complete a survey to get input on the new Professional Development digest. The goal of the digest is to increase awareness of, and access to, professional development opportunities within the institution. Thank you so much for your input!

We wanted to share some decisions we have made based on the survey responses. We asked your opinion on two criteria for posting to the PD digest:

Criterion #1: Only U of A providers can post resources, PD opportunities, etc. U of A providers may post resources and curated opportunities (vetted, reviewed, selected) from external providers, if the posting unit is willing to stand by the quality of the resource and support questions relating to such posts.

Criterion #2: Content must be relevant to supporting faculty and staff in their work at the U of A. This means that PD of a general nature that is not directly relevant to the skills required of U of A faculty and staff will not be included.

We will proceed with the above criteria in assessing whether a submission for a post in the digest is relevant or not. In regards to Criterion #2, it will evolve over time and we will use our discretion to include as many PD related opportunities as possible that are relevant broadly to all faculty and staff. Our intent is not to be too restrictive but also to ensure that our audience gets the information they need. These same criteria will apply to other tools (e.g., leveraging the Learning and Development page on the Faculty and Staff website) to share information, opportunities, resources and articles relating to PD at the U of A.

We are working with University Relations to ensure alignment across communications platforms. We are working on a newsletter format for the PD digest so that it will be visually appealing and easy for people to use. This digest/newsletter may evolve as we hear feedback from you and our audiences over time. We ask for your patience and cooperation in making this a valuable resource for our faculty and staff at the U of A.

We have created guidelines and a process for submitting to the PD digest. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please reach out to org.learning@ualberta.ca.