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Upcoming and recorded learning opportunities about leading change, time management, service excellence, diversity and inclusion and more.

05 November 2020

Leading Others

Three Essential Behaviors of a Servant Leader
November 12, 2020 | Webcast

Learn how to instill servant leadership practices into your work.

Navigating Challenges of Academic Leadership 

Academic chairs and deans require different playbooks than other higher ed administrators in order to be successful. Whether you’re in these positions or aspiring to be, watch these videos to learn 2 philosophies from a former dean that will help you increase your effectiveness.

Peer to Manager: Navigating Your Transition into Leadership 

Watch this one-hour webcast, where you will learn strategies for navigating personal and professional challenges that come with internal promotions.


Leading Change

Six Months In: Leadership Lessons Gleaned from the COVID Crisis

Mary Dana Hinton, President at Hollins University reflects on five important leadership lessons that she has learned during the pandemic.

Leading in a Crisis: Perspectives From a College President

Tim Hall has helped transform New York's Mercy College and keep it strong through the pandemic.

Designing Creative Solutions for Your Toughest Challenges
November 13, 2020 | Webcast

Solve your campus’ most difficult problems by releasing and actualizing creative ideas from across your campus.

The Four Stages of Change 

As a leader, it can be challenging to help your people manage change. This easily printable guide will help you identify what stage of the change curve your direct reports are in and steps you can take to better support them.

Leading through change in higher education

Very few people like change; learn how you can manage the process for individuals and teams with greater success.

Learning Plan: Working Within Changing Environments
Learning Plan

This plan includes a set of short lessons and webcast recording around working within a changing environment that help you reflect on what you’ve learned and begin to think of ways to apply it. 

Service Excellence

Implementing Shared Services at Your Institution
November 10 & 16, 2020 | Live Webcast

Discover how your values can either help or hinder your ability to serve as an inclusive leader.

Everything You Need to Know to Improve Customer Service in Higher Education

Browse videos, resources, and related programs to enhance the quality of service excellence on your campus.

Building a University Service Culture: Case Study from Laurentian University

Creating a culture of service excellence is critical to enhance enrollment, improve student retention, and better engage alumni. This webcast features a case study of how Laurentian University successfully shifted the culture surrounding customer service at their institution.


Diversity and Inclusion

Gender and Confidence: Why Higher Education Needs More Women to Advocate for Themselves and Each Other
November 2, 2020 | Virtual Training

Confidently challenge gender norms to create an inclusive workplace culture that benefits everyone.

Integrating Inclusivity into Your Leadership Philosophy 
November 10 & 16, 2020 | Live Webcast

Discover how your values can either help or hinder your ability to serve as an inclusive leader.

The Inclusive Leader’s Approach to Accountability
December 14, 2020 | Webcast

It is the inclusive leader’s responsibility to hold themselves and others accountable to repair harm and bring people together.

Leading Self

Advocating for Yourself in Personal and Professional Relationships
January 21, 2021 | Virtual Training

Learn strategies to advocate for your needs as you juggle work, home, and career progression.

Shift Your Mindset to Build Resilience

Learn the ABC Model, so you can take back control when difficult situations arise.

Time Management: A Disciplined Approach to Priority-Setting 

Control your own schedule and focus on your most important work.

Time Management: Focusing on Your Priorities and Purpose

Learn how to lose your “to-do” lists and focus on your most meaningful work instead.

10 Powerful Strategies to Beat Procrastination 

Break the unhealthy cycle and get a handle on your stubborn procrastination habits.