Center for Creative Leadership: Building and Fostering Resilience

12 January 2021

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is a top global provider for executive education to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. To kick off the new year, they have shared resources related to developing resilience practices that fend off stress, burnout, and digital fatigue while equipping yourself with skills necessary to face polarities and lead remote teams.


How to Foster Resilience & Prevent Burnout

Learn about 5 key recovery practices that will help prevent burnout and foster resilience for both you and your team.

How to Build and Maintain a Remote Work Culture

As a leader, you must be actively involved in setting, defining, and maintaining the new norms for a virtual work culture. Discover 5 ways to build a thriving remote culture.

On demand webinars 

How Leaders Can Build Organizational Resilience to Thrive in Uncertain Times

In this free webinar, you will be introduced to CCL’s Organizational Resilience-In-Action Framework—a model for increasing your organization’s capacity to successfully respond to change and disruption. 

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How to Embrace the Key Leadership Skills That Will Make You & Your Organization Future-Ready

Watch this recorded webinar to learn 4 timeless and essential leadership skills as well as our holistic approach to resilience and well-being that will help keep you prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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