September Lunch and Learn Bulletin

Each month Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment offer a number of one hour sessions devoted to the dimensions of health and wellbeing. This month we focus how to manage our mental health and emotions with sessions on coping with anger, resiliency, and learning about languishing. In addition, in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day we will have a session on suicide awareness. 

All sessions will run from 12–1 p.m. unless noted otherwise and will be delivered online. Register through the LearnCentre by clicking register and then using the “enroll” button on the top right. New to LearnCentre? Access LearnCentre and scroll down to view this event under available sessions.

Suicide Awareness 

Hilary Sirman, Centre for Suicide Prevention
Wednesday, September 8

Suicide prevention is everyone’s business. Each year, one in six Albertans will seriously think about suicide. Suicide has no boundaries. It can affect our family, friends and colleagues. This session from the Centre for Suicide Prevention will look at the the who and why of suicide, as well as some common myths and facts surrounding suicide. Warning signs to look out for and tips for starting a conversation will also be covered. 


Coping with Anger

Jenny Ann Phillips, Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network (PCN)
Thursday, September 16

Would you like to know more about anger and what to do when it arises? In this session, we discuss what causes and maintains anger, help you learn about your own anger styles and touch on why we get so angry. You’ll be introduced to cognitive behavioural therapy methods of coping and working through anger and get strategies on how to implement changes in everyday life.


Resiliency and Post-Traumatic Growth in the Wake of COVID-19

Kevin Ruddell, EFAP
Thursday, September 23

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on each of us and the world at large, however, the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter. This session will provide the skills and information necessary to mitigate stress and the trauma response along with actions to promote resiliency and increase psychological wellbeing in the wake of COVID-19 and beyond.


COVID-19: What is Languishing and Why is it Important?

Baljinder Sull, EFAP 
Tuesday, September 28

As we continue to navigate the global pandemic, many have become numb or indifferent to the challenges we face and manage on a daily basis. For many, we’ve entered a state of rinse and repeat with a lack of simple motivation or enthusiasm. This state of stagnation with feelings of emptiness is known as languishing. This one hour webinar will help employees better understand languishing in the context of COVID-19 while providing self-care strategies that promote resilience.

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