Addressing and preventing health issues caused by working from home

Information, services and supports to maintain a healthy, high-performing workplace.

Working from home presents unique challenges that may cause or contribute to physical or mental health issues. It is vital to be observant, and aware of how staff are coping.

Inquire if you are seeing or hearing that a staff member is acting differently. This may include changes in mood, attitude, emotions, comments, appearance or work performance.

The University of Alberta has many services supervisors can access to help staff with experiencing issues with working from home.

Keep in mind your own physical and mental health when working from home. As a manager, you may be more focused on supporting your employees than addressing your own needs. Review the warning signs and support available for yourself.

Working from home presents unique challenges for staff and supervisors, however the basic elements of a healthy, high-performing workplace remain the same:

  • The duties and responsibilities of the job do not change and completion of work and meeting timelines remains important.
  • Teamwork and collaboration helps ensure smooth functioning; effective communication is critical.
  • Self-awareness and strong interpersonal relationships contribute to a flourishing unit.
    Aligning your purpose with the organization and actively engaging in work brings satisfaction and contributes to a high performing workplace.

With good support and strategies, issues can be well-managed and employees can productively balance work and home. If you have any questions, contact