COVID-19 Pay Continuance for Support Staff

17 December 2020

With new temporary COVID-19 restrictions implemented on December 14, all employees are required to work from home with the exception of those delivering critical services or approved research. With this restriction, there may be a number of casual, auxiliary or regular support staff that are not able to perform their work from a remote location. 

In the event that alternative work is not able to be provided, and in an effort to mitigate the negative impacts created by these restrictions through the holiday season, units are asked to pay for all previously scheduled shifts through the end of December 2020. If work cannot continue remotely post January 1, in accordance with the employment standards code, casual support staff should be provided notice that they will not have further shifts scheduled until such time as the restrictions are lifted.

For regular and auxiliary support staff who are not able to perform their duties from home following the winter break, and for whom there is no other work that can be assigned, please speak to your HR partner immediately about the appropriate collective agreement application - including but not limited to initiating short-term layoffs.