Helping your team through December

16 December 2020

Last week's new public health restrictions may have caused significant frustration and anxiety for faculty and staff. Managers, supervisors, AVPs, Deans and leaders can help faculty and staff normalize healthy conversations about their mental health. Leaders are encouraged to send messages to their teams:

  • Share your personal experience with COVID-19 or mental health, or being overwhelmed with work lately
  • Share what you'll be doing to pause and recharge in December
  • Acknowledge that the virus is now reaching our own families, our friends, ourselves

Create opportunities for your faculty or department by hosting virtual celebration events, social opportunities or gratitude exchanges. New pandemic-specific options have been added to the university e-card recognition app to say thank you to essential workers and send supportive messaging to struggling colleagues.

Many faculty and staff have shared that they haven't been able to reduce their workloads in December. We know our people need to rest, but they are worried about missing something, protecting their jobs, and appearing to not be working hard enough. We would encourage you to ask managers and supervisors to reduce meetings and workloads this month, and suggest examples. We can also remind them that we need employees to be refreshed in the new year given what we are faced with.