Winter break and planning holiday time

03 December 2020

The university’s winter closure is from December 25 to January 1, and as announced last week, the start of the Winter term is delayed to January 11. Though the university remains open from December 21–24 and January 4–8, all faculties and units are encouraged (subject to operational requirements) to cancel regularly scheduled meetings and to slow activities in the last work week of December and first week of January.Some ways to slow activities include:

  • Canceling or consolidating meetings.
  • Reducing workloads and shifting new projects to the new year.
  • Easing up on emails.
  • Making fewer requests of your colleagues.
  • Connecting socially (and virtually) with workers you’ve been isolated from.
  • Pausing to celebrate the tremendous efforts you’ve made over the past year.

Managers and supervisors can model compassion, empathy, care and positive health practices to encourage healthy behaviours among staff.

Recognizing your teams for the tremendous work they have done in the past year is important, but to comply with all social gathering restrictions, we may need to remind any teams working on campus that holiday celebrations should be done virtually. Bringing teams together via Zoom for a virtual year-end celebration is a good way to thank employees for their efforts and support one another with some fun and encouragement. You may even consider hosting a virtual game, a comedy presentation or other fun activities to get some year-end laughs in where you can.