Change to maternity and parental leave top-up payment process

29 October 2020

Academic and support employees may be eligible to receive supplemental payments for maternity and parental leave. These top-up payments are not considered as earnings and are not deducted from the employees’ employment insurance (EI) benefits when certain requirements are met.

Starting November 1, the top-up payment will be paid after HRS Employment Services receives confirmation of EI. Previously 20% of the top-up payment was paid in advance, with the remainder recalculated and paid after EI confirmation was received.

Please note that the new process will be applied to maternity and parental leaves which start after November 1, 2020. The previous process will apply if an employee has already received the confirmation letter from HRS Benefits confirming their leave.

Refer to the Administering Maternity and Parental Leave web page for full details on the maternity and parental leave process.

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