Encourage staff to take vacation leave

Although restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic may discourage staff from taking vacation leave, taking time away from work to refresh and recharge is even more important. Managers are encouraged to work with their staff to identify opportunities to schedule time off.

Lines between work time and personal time are easily blurred with work from home arrangements. Some may struggle to “turn off” work, when their office and home are the same place. Scheduling time away, whether a day or two at a time or a week or more, is important in maintaining resilience and healthy work-life balance. Whenever vacation is scheduled, every effort should be made to honour that time—make arrangements for duties to be covered during the absence or, where reasonable, hold tasks that can wait until the staff member returns. Vacation contributes to better engagement, productivity, and satisfaction when at work.

Please review vacation leave balances and help staff plan to use their entitlement. See the Managing Staff Vacation procedure for additional information about managing vacation for support staff, and refer to the associated collective agreements and handbooks for other employee types. Collective agreement provisions and university policies related to accrual, use, and carryforward of vacation still apply.

For assistance, reach out to your HR Partner.