Submitting the WCB Employer's Report

Early submission ensures employees have appropriate support for recovery and returning to work.

09 April 2021

The Alberta Workers' Compensation Act requires employers to report injuries that their workers suffer while on the job within 72 hours of becoming aware of them by submitting the Employer Report of Injury form. Additionally, the Act requires that employers submit their report to WCB within 72 hours of the employee submitting an Employee's Report. This is required for all claims submitted by your employee, such as lost-time claims, claims that involve temporary or permanent modified hours or duties, medical costs associated with the claim, occupational exposure claims, and death or permanent disability claims.

Please submit the report with the best information available at the time. Additional information can be updated after the claim is submitted. Early submission of a claim is important as it helps ensure the employee has the appropriate support for their recovery and can start back to suitable duties and/or hours as soon as possible.

On average, the University of Alberta meets the 72-hour Employer's Report submission requirement 65% of the time. The goal is to boost the employer's reporting of a claim to be within the 72-hour window 80% of the time.

Along with proactive reporting, it is very important (and required in the WCB Act) that the injured worker be provided modified duties and/or hours as early as possible; in many cases this can mean the day following the injury. Call your employee and discuss their recommended activity level and engage with them in providing modified or alternate duties/hours.

Please contact if you have any questions or would like to review a situation. Further information can be found on the Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment website.