Changes to immigration process for postdoctoral fellows

13 May 2021

How Foreign Visitor Category Assessments (FVCA) for postdoctoral fellows are managed has changed. An FVCA for a postdoctoral fellow submitted using the immigration management system will now be approved by the Postdoctoral Fellows Office (PDFO) before being sent to Immigration Services.

The message stating “Request PhD Approval'' means that your submission is waiting for approval from the PDFO. Be sure to check your submission and provide any further information the PDFO may have requested.

A reminder that Immigration Services has updated its website to provide clear and concise information about how to hire foreign nationals, and advertising and recruiting requirements. Visit the Hiring Foreign Nationals web page for instructions about how to complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and how to invite foreign nationals who are exempt from an LMIA. The website also has information on how to complete an FVCA and on short-term visitors who are work permit-exempt. Immigration Services welcomes feedback about the updated website. Reach out to us through the Staff Service Centre.