Updated timelines for job evaluations

31 August 2021

We understand that the job evaluation process takes effort and is time consuming. We are taking a number of steps to improve the service.

First, we have adjusted our timelines for evaluating jobs in order to accommodate the high volume of positions that are institutional priorities, while continuing to meet the needs of campus.

  • For positions that are UAT priorities based on the new operating model, job evaluations will have a 3 business day turnaround. Contact your HR Service Partner with questions about which positions are considered UAT priorities.
  • For all other vacant or new positions, job evaluations will have a 15 business day turnaround.
  • For all encumbered positions, job evaluations will continue to follow the established 3 month turnaround. We appreciate that three months is a long time, and will be reviewing this process once the immediate high volume needs are met. In the meantime, please note that re-evaluation can be backdated so as not to disadvantage the incumbent.

To ensure timelines can be met, we need your assistance. We ask that you include the following information with your request:

  • Either:
    • A Job Card with your customizations and a cover page
    • A Job Fact Sheet or Position Description with the appropriate signatures/approvals
  • An updated organization chart showing the position

Second, we have hired two experienced evaluators on a casual basis to support the high volume of requests and we are seeking another for mid-September.

Third, in July we launched the first phase of the job evaluation process redesign, which introduced a new service delivery channel for standardized jobs using job cards. You can review the new process on the Job Design and Evaluation web page.

The job evaluation process redesign in a continuing project. The next step is to improve our tracking system to list all current jobs being evaluated and where they are in the process.

For questions related to job evaluation, at this time, please contact job.evaluation@ualberta.ca.

Thank you for your patience as we work to meet your needs.