Information and Privacy Office

Mailing address:
Ring House 4
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB T6G 2E1

Phone: (780) 492-9419
Fax: (780) 492-6571


The Information and Privacy Office at the University of Alberta was created to assist the university to operate in a manner consistent with the requirements of privacy legislation, primarily the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The office also provides assistance in relation to complying with the Health Information Act.

The mandate of the office extends to:

  • Advising on policy development with regard to access to information and protection of privacy.
  • Ensuring procedures are in place to protect personal information and to provide access to information upon request.
  • Providing education to departmental staff on appropriate responses to privacy legislation.
  • Assisting individuals in requests for information to the records held by the university.

Mary Golab, BA, MLIS
Director, Information & Privacy Office
(780) 492-2252

Sheryl A Savard, BA, LLB
Information and Privacy Officer
(780) 492-3840

Matthew Stacey, BA, MA, JD
Information and Privacy Officer
(780) 492-8988

Michelle Johnson
Administrative Coordinator
(780) 492-9419

Steve Hughes
Health Information Privacy Advisor
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry only
(780) 492-7111

Please note: the Information and Privacy Office deals only with access to information and protection of privacy issues for the University of Alberta. For other information please see the contact information below.

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For information about the application of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in general or in other Alberta public bodies, please call the Alberta government FOIP Help Desk at (780) 427-5848 or e-mail the FOIP Help Desk at


Updated November 2019