Bear Tracks and Campus Solutions Upgrade Coming this February

We are excited to announce that we’re upgrading Campus Solutions and Bear Tracks at the end of February 2021. This upgrade will modernize the look and feel, simplify navigation and introduce mobile responsive design.

What will the new versions of Bear Tracks and Campus Solutions look like? What are the key changes?

Bear Tracks Student Home Page

When a student logs in to the new version of Bear Tracks they’ll see the homepage below. Each of the squares (tiles) in the homepage goes to a collection of pages that relate to that function. The pages have been grouped together based on student feedback.

Desktop View

The homepage and high value student pages will resize to a mobile device when a student opens Bear Tracks on their phone. You can see the view of the student homepage on a mobile device below. There are some pages that will not resize to a mobile device however. The decision to make a specific Bear Tracks page mobile device friendly was made based on student feedback.

Mobile View

New Class Search

In the new version of Bear Tracks, a keyword search function has replaced the former Class Search. Search results will be returned based on matches with information in the Subject, Description and Long Description. The new search function also includes the ability to filter search results based on Subject, Course Career (graduate/undergraduate), Number of Units and Class Meeting Days. This should improve the flexibility of the class search.


WorkCenters are a navigation tool that allows you to access different pages related to a specific process in one navigation without having to hunt and peck throughout the system. The example we have below is the Class and Exam Scheduling WorkCenter. Seven WorkCenters for staff will be delivered with the new version of Campus Solutions; these WorkCenters were built based on staff feedback.

There are other changes, beyond what we’ve shown here. If you want to learn more go to the Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade Website.

What will the transition to the new versions of Campus Solutions and Bear Tracks look like?

Starting on the evening of February 26 2021, the University of Alberta will be going through the upgrade process to move to the new version of Campus Solutions and Bear Tracks. Both Bear Tracks and Campus Solutions will be unavailable over the period while the upgrade occurs. We'll provide more details about the length of this outage as testing is completed.

Once Campus Solutions and Bear Tracks are available, a message will go up under “Announcements” for Bear Tracks and Campus Solutions users will receive an email indicating that the system is available.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about the changes using the following resources:

Overarching Changes


Role Based Change Summaries

If you have questions pertaining to the impact to staff and employees please contact Graeme Alm ( or Gail Breum (