Bear Tracks Registration and Enrollment Tips

With the Class Schedule for Fall 2021/Winter 2022 in Bear Tracks opening on April 26th for planning, we wanted to provide you with some additional information and tips to help make enrollment and registration in Bear Tracks easier for you.

Class Search, Registration and Enrollment Tips 

  • If you have been admitted to a new program or you have accepted an offer of admission to more than one program, go to Academic Records > Academic Information to confirm which program you’re registering for classes in. You may need to process a change of program in Bear Tracks to your new program before you start registering in courses. 
  • To search and register for classes go to the “Manage Classes” tile. 
  • If you’re looking for a specific class (e.g. PHIL 250) be as specific as possible in your entry for the best results and quickest response. 
  • Review the detailed class information for a class before adding a class to your “Shopping Cart” (Schedule Builder). This will help to ensure you don’t try to enroll in a class that you don’t want or is not available to you. You can find the detailed class information by clicking on the “Class.” If a class has “Class Notes” there will be a small green notepad icon between “Class” and “Dates”

  • When you’re adding classes with multiple components (e.g Lecture, Lab, Seminar) to your “Shopping Cart”, or directly enrolling, you’ll add all components as a group by clicking “Cart”, rather than adding the Lecture, Lab and Seminar separately. You can still choose the combination that works best with your schedule. See Page 9 of the Enrollment Quick Reference Guide for more details. 
  • If you want to see all classes on offer in a given subject (e.g. Philosophy) for the term use the “Additional Ways to Search” option and filter by “Subject” for the best results. 

  • Add your classes to your Shopping Cart, including alternate classes, in advance of your enrollment date, so you don’t need to search for classes when you’re trying to enroll. 
  • Once you have classes in your Shopping Cart, use the “Validate” button function to identify any classes you won’t be able to enroll in.

For more details about the features of the new version of Bear Tracks read on. You can also go to the Bear Tracks Help site for more detailed guides on class registration.

Making the most of the Class Search

The new version of the class search includes an option to search by keyword and an “Additional ways to search” option. The “Additional ways to search” option allows you to search by entering up to three parameters: Subject (e.g. Mathematics), Catalog Number (e.g. 101), Instructor Last Name

Keyword Search:

The keyword search will return results based on information in the following fields:  Course (e.g ECON 101), Subject (e.g. Economics), Class (e.g. 97596) and Topic (e.g. Introduction to Microeconomics)

For more details on using the class search see the Class and Course Search guide and video demo.

Shopping Cart and Registration

Before your enrollment date, you can add classes to your “Shopping Cart” so that once enrollment is open, you can enroll in all of your classes more quickly. The “Shopping Cart” is the equivalent of the “Schedule Builder” in the previous version of Bear Tracks. Selecting the “Cart” button will add a class to your “Shopping Cart”

In addition, once your enrollment date is open you are able to directly enroll, without adding classes to your Shopping Cart. Just select the “Enroll” button on a class to directly enroll. If enrollment is not open for you the “Enroll” button will not be visible.  This option did not exist in the previous version of Bear Tracks.

Enroll and Cart Buttons

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