Upcoming Changes to PeopleSoft HCM


On June 26-27 the U of A will make updates to the look and feel and navigation of PeopleSoft HCM. However, the steps you take to complete tasks in HCM will not change. This change is being made to ensure that the U of A is on a more up to date version of the system. These changes will allow the U of A to better leverage key features of the tool.

What does this mean for me?

All Staff
Whenever you login to PeopleSoft HCM you will be taken to the “Employee Self-Service” Home Page you see below. If you only use PeopleSoft HCM to access your Benefits, Time and Pay information, this is the only Home Page you’ll have access to, but if you use PeopleSoft HCM more extensively you may have access to additional Home Pages. You will continue to be able to access PeopleSoft HCM via Bear Tracks as you do today.

In addition, pages in Employee Self-Service have been made mobile friendly, so that they resize appropriately when used on a phone or tablet.

It should be noted that when you click into a tile (e.g Time Reporting) from a Home Page, the options you see will be determined by your access to the system. So, two people could open the same tile and have different options if their access to the system is different.

In addition to the “Employee Self-Service” Home Page, managers will have a “Manager Self-Service” Home Page. If you click on the drop down to the left of “Employee Self-Service” you will see all of the Home Pages you can access. Like “Employee Self-Service”, “Manager Self-Service” is now mobile friendly.

PeopleSoft HCM Users
People who use HCM for functions beyond Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service will notice that they have access to additional Home Pages. Staff in faculties and units outside of HRHSE who use HCM will likely have access to the “Campus HR Personnel” Home Page to access the key functions they perform regularly, while HRHSE HCM users will have access to a separate HRHSE Home Page.

Campus HR Personnel Home Page

Common Tools

In addition to the Home Pages discussed above, there are common navigation tools available in the upper right of the updated version of PeopleSoft HCM. You can use these tools to find specific pages, reports and queries. Although if you have access to a page via a Home Page or a tile, it is typically faster to just use that tile to access it, rather than accessing the page via one of the Navigation tools below.


There are three tools under the NavBar: Navigator, My Favorites, Recent Places

The "Navigator"  allows you to use the Navigator to access pages by drilling down through a folder based menu structure.

"My Favorites" allows you to access pages you’ve favorited and edit the order of your favorites. If a page was favorited in PeopleSoft HCM before the change the favorite will be migrated to the updated version of Bear Track

"Recent Places" allows you to access pages you’ve accessed recently. 


Allows you enter a keyword to find a specific page, report or query. 


The two main functions you can access via the "Actions" icon are:

  • "Add to Favorites": To add a specific page to your favorites.
  • "Sign Out": To log out of the system. 


To go back to your "Home" page, select the "Home" button.

When is this happening? Will there be an outage?

PeopleSoft HCM will be unavailable on June 26-27, 2021 while we complete the update, and we anticipate it will be back up by early June 28 2021. Once the system is available, staff will be notified.

While the system is unavailable between these dates:

  • All functions in PS HCM will not be available.
  • If you try to access PS HCM via Bear Tracks you will be taken to a blue login screen when you try to access your Benefits, Time and Leave and Pay information.
  • eSecurity requests will not be available.
  • You won’t be able to approve. amend or submit eForms while PeopleSoft HCM is down.
  • If you go into eTrac while PS HCM is unavailable, you may run into errors.

Where can I go for help?

For more information about the change and for support resources check out the HCM Update site. In addition we will be updating the existing resources on the HRHSE Employee Self-Serve site to ensure that they’re up to date.

If something is not working in HCM, or you’re unable to complete a task, please contact ist@ualberta.ca with the heading “HCM Update.”