Fleet Lifecycle Management

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Fleet Lifecycle Management

Support for this service includes workstation procurement, inventory management and hardware disposal.

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Workstation Procurement: We manage the procurement of new workstations, including purchasing (using client dept speed codes), receiving, and tagging the machines.

Inventory Management: We provide complete fleet lifecycle management from procurement to disposal. We monitor what is currently in inventory, what is ageing, and forecast if there is a need for an evergreening project coming up. We will inform clients of needs to evergreen.

Hardware Disposal: We will manage the inventory of machines that are both under warranty and passed the evergreening deadline. We will record all the purchases, moves, transfers, deployments, and eWaste transactions in our Inventory Management System. We will manage the disposal of your end-of-life devices. We will pull out storage drives if possible, and facilitate secure data erasure. We will follow e-waste process (SMS will shred the hard drives to ensure data security and then they will be properly disposed of).

What is not included?
Monitors, keyboard, mice and other peripherals are not included as part of the inventory and lifecycle service.



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