Leah Gramlich

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
Provincial Medical Advisor, Department of Nutrition and Food Services, Alberta Health Services

Dr. Leah Gramlich is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, and the Provincial Medical Advisor for the Department of Nutrition and Food Services with Alberta Health Services. She is a leader in nutrition in Canada and a member of the Canadian Nutrition Society Advisory Board, American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, European Society for Nutrition and Metabolism, CHANGE Cancer, and the CHANGE Canada Board of Directors.

Dr. Gramlich is the co-lead of the Enhancing Patients' Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) system project to Alberta hospitals which is a comprehensive approach to standardizing care before, during and after surgery. She is also the lead on the WellnessRx online educational intervention which was developed in response to a needs assessment among health sciences Faculties at the University of Alberta demonstrating a curricular gap in the domains of nutrition and physical activity necessary to prepare healthcare professionals to foster their own self-health and to counsel patients.

Her interests include nutrition support and education, nutrition in critical illness and cancer, parenteral nutritition, malnutrition and nutrition risk assessment, and home nutrition support. Read more...