Neal Davies

Dr. Neal M. Davies received his undergraduate degree in Pharmacy from the University of Alberta in 1991 and has been a registered pharmacist with the Alberta College of Pharmacists since this time. In 1996, he completed his Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences, specializing in pharmacokinetics, at the University of Alberta. Throughout his career, Dr. Davies has strived to maintain the highest standard of teaching and research, and his achievements in both areas have been recognized through numerous awards and honours including several from the United States Pharmacopeia and the Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Dr. Davies maintains an active and highly collaborative externally-funded research program, focused on pharmacokinetics and drug delivery as well as basic and clinical pharmaceutical sciences which have attracted National Institutes of Health and Industry funds. He holds five patent applications and has disseminated his work broadly through numerous journal publications, a book and book chapters, abstracts, and invited conference presentations. He has ~8000 citations and an H-index >50.

He is active in numerous professional organizations/associations, including the Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and serves as a reviewer and on the editorial board of several pharmaceutical and pharmacological science journals. Over the past decade Dr. Davies has also been heavily involved in pharmacy education research including curriculum mapping, interprofessional education, online teaching, and implementing expanded scopes of practice programs. On September 1, 2016 Dr. Davies commenced his term as Dean and Professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta.