M Ann Phillips

Dr. M. Ann Phillips is a scientist in the Department of Research and Innovation, and the Assistant Scientific Director for the Population, Public and Indigenous Health Strategic Clinical Network with Alberta Health Services.

She has a Bachelor of Science with honours degree in genetics from the University of Western Ontario, a Master of Science degree in human and medical genetics from Queen's University, and a doctorate in Environmental Studies from York University. Ann began her career as a molecular geneticist and while doing so, developed an interest in non-genetic determinants of health and natural, non-technological approaches to healing and wellness. She is well versed in western scientific approaches, eastern mind-body approaches, Indigenous Ways of Knowing, and has trained in several traditional mind-body healing modalities and traditional martial arts.

Ann is the recipient of the 2006-2007 Vital People's Award from the Toronto Community Foundation for her work as an environmental health promoter/researcher with the South Riverdale Community Health Centre.

Her current projects include consultation on two quality improvement initiatives aimed at improving Indigenous cultural competency and patient experience in hospital emergency departments, co-leading a systematic review on initiatives to address social determinants of health that are within the purview of a health system to act on, and serving as an expert advisor providing cultural perspective for an online e-learning course on child mistreatment and trauma informed care.

Ann's interests include Traditional Medicines and gender roles; Traditional Chinese Medicine; natural health; mind-body therapies and practices; Indigenous health, healing traditions and cultural competency/safety; complementary, alternative and integrative medicine; ethno-cultural healing traditions and practices; ceremony as medicine; trauma and healing; epigenetics; social determinants of health; and health equity.