Steven K.H. Aung

Dr. Steven K.H. Aung is a clinical professor in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and teacher, and a geriatric, family, and integrative medicine physician. He holds vising professorships with universities in China, Japan, the United States of America, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.


He is the vice chair (North America) of the World Federation of Chinese Societies, and an advisor and consultant on TCM, acupuncture and cancer pain control for the World Health Organization. Dr. Aung was awarded a Professional Excellency from the Académie Diplomatique de la Paix in 1986, the Alberta Order of Excellence in 2002, the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003, a Physician of the Century award in 2005, and Canada's highest civilian honour, the Order of Canada, in 2006.


Dr. Aung has lectured internationally and published many articles, books, and treatises on the integration of TCM and Western health care, and continues to offer his own practice in the spirit of a natural and compassionate approach to medicine.