Interdisciplinary Studies

Computer Game Development Courses


Students wishing to pursue the Certificate in Computer Game Development must apply through Undergraduate Student Services in the Faculty of Arts by the application deadline for convocation (see Academic Schedule).   

The certificate begins with CMPUT 250- Computers and Games. It is designed for second-year students, and serves as the entry point for the certificate. It is focused on interdisciplinary teamwork and provides a broad view of all aspects of game development, using guest lectures from many departments as well as industry. Students design a short narrative-based game using a commercial game engine.

The culmination of the certificate is INT D 450- Computers and Games, a capstone course that returns to a focus on interdisciplinary teams developing a complete game, using all of the skills learned in the intermediate courses and courses from their own discipline.

Course List

18 course credits are required for this certificate.

Required Course


*To achieve the required mix of backgrounds and experience, students must apply for admission to this course.

An advanced interdisciplinary course for students in Science, Arts, and other faculties who have completed CMPUT 250.
*To achieve the required mix of backgrounds and experience, students must apply for admission to this course. 

Intermediate Courses (Choose 4 of the following 7 courses, 12 credits)

  • CMPUT 307: 3D Modeling and Animation
  • CMPUT 350: Advanced Games Programming
  • EDIT 486: Interactive Media
  • INT D 350: Game Design Principles and Practice
  • MUSIC 245: Introduction to Music Technologies
  • STS 350: Understanding Video Games
  • WRITE 399: Projects in Genre