Interdisciplinary Studies

International Studies

Gain a New Perspective

The International Studies Minor will help you understand the forces that shape our world.

What is the International Studies Minor? 

A Minor in International Studies provides a means by which students majoring in our existing liberal arts disciplines (eg. History, Political Science, English and Film Studies) can “internationalize” their Bachelors Degree with formal instruction and training through a diverse set of interdisciplinary course-work, all focused on three key aspects of the world outside Canada’s borders - the political, the economic, and the social.

About the Program

Students selecting the IS Minor will choose from a long list of courses in a wide range of disciplines including History, English and Film Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Women’s and Gender Studies, Anthropology, and Modern Languages, sampling each discipline’s approach to global issues. In doing so, students will diversify and deepen their understanding of global issues thus preparing themselves for advanced study at the graduate level, and/or a diverse set of careers in the private, public (including international institutions), and not-for-profit sectors.

Students with such backgrounds will find themselves attractive to private firms with overseas operations, government agencies with international connections, and non-for-profits engaged activities like environmental sustainability or development.