Minor in International Studies

This interdisciplinary minor subject of concentration will enable students to examine the processes by which international forces of many sorts (particularly political, economic, and cultural forces) influence the lives people lead and the choices they face.

A minor in International Studies requires 12 credits to a maximum of 42 credits at the senior level, including at least 6 credits at the 300 and/or 400 level, in courses identified by the Faculty of Arts of which at least 3 credits must come from each of the following three lists.  

Core Courses focused upon the political aspects of International Studies: 

  • POL S 261- International Relations
  • POL S 364- Introduction to International Political Economy

Core Courses focused upon the  economic aspects of International Studies:

  • ECON 213- An Introduction to the Economics of Developing Countries
  • ECON 323- International Economics
  • ECON 414- Economics of Developing Countries
  • ECON 421- International Trade
  • ECON 422- International Payments

Core courses focused upon the cultural aspects of International Studies: 

  • ENGL 223- Reading Politics: Empire and the Postcolonial
  • SOC 269- Introductory Sociology of Globalization
  • SOC 369- Sociology of Globalization 

The following courses also engage political, economic, and/or cultural aspects of International Studies, and can also be counted toward the minor: 

  • ECON 442- The Economics of Financial Markets
  • EDPS 425- Global Education: Issues and Strategies for Teachers
  • ENGL 481- Studies in Empire and the Postcolonial
  • HIST 339- The Modern British Empire and the Commonwealth Experience
  • HIST 490- Topics in British Empire and Commonwealth History
  • POL S 235- Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PSYCO 341- Cultural Psychology
  • PSYCO 344- Intercultural Communication
  • POL S 359- Topics in International Politics
  • POL S 365- Canadian Foreign Policy
  • POL S 443- Globalization, Ethnic Politics and the Nation-State
  • POL S 462- Political Economy of Global Governance
  • SC PO 261- Relations Internationales I
  • SC PO 262- Relations Internationales II
  • SOC 370- Racism and Decolonization
  • WGS 310- Gender, Development, and Beyond