Interdisciplinary Studies

Media Studies

Create your own learning experience

NEW! Media Studies major coming 2020-2021

What is Media Studies? 

Media Studies is the study of how to navigate, analyze, critically evaluate, and contribute ethically to today’s global media landscape.This multidisciplinary program allows students to create their own learning experience across a variety of areas that intersect with the study of media: political science or psychology; literary or language studies; visual art or music as examples.


About the Program 

This multidisciplinary major examines the content, history and effects of media on our social, political and cultural systems. MST professors are experienced, award-winning researchers and instructors in media and cultural studies, media history, game studies, digital humanities, audiovisual design and more.


A major in Media Studies prepares you for careers such as: copywriters, editors, publicists, announcers, media analysts and critics, event coordinators, social media managers, public relations specialists, information directors, game designers, media curators, heritage interpreters, primary and secondary school teachers, media producers, reporters, technical writers, web designers, webmasters.

For more information, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor, Nicola DiNicola.