Interdisciplinary Studies

Peace & Post Conflict Studies

Engage with Faculty Committed to Undergraduate Teaching

Dr. Siobhan Byrne (right) specialises in the study of societies in transition from conflict to peace, especially in Ireland and Palestine.

Engage with Peers on Issues that Matter

Peace and Post-Conflict Studies challenges students to think critically about forces that shape and drive conflict.

What is the Peace & Post Conflict Studies Certificate? 

A Certificate in Peace and Post-Conflict Studies will equip students across a number of faculties and disciplines with the knowledge of the complexity of instituting measures that address underlying sources of conflict and provide them with hands-on practical approaches to sustaining peace. In a global climate of conflict, fear and insecurity, the issue of building sustainable peace in countries that have undergone the ravages of conflict is of vital importance to policy makers and academics alike. 

About the Program

The Peace and Post- Conflict Studies certificate is especially useful for those seeking a career in government, international governmental organizations (IGO), non-governmental organizations (NGO) and legal and business firms.

If you are interested in understanding:

  • The root causes of conflict;
  • How to break the cycle of violence;
  • What it takes to build sustainable peace;
  • The process of reconstructing societies ravaged by war

If you are interested in:

  • Working with a Non-Governmental Organization
  • Working with an Inter-governmental Organization
  • Working in government
  • Working in business or legal firms

If you are interested in:

  • Doing development work in developing countries
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution
  • Alternative dispute resolution

This certificate is for you!