In order to receive credit for their Certificate, students must complete an online form through the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Student Services- Forms for Students webpage (select the "Declaration or Change of Certificate (s)" form). Students should complete this form any time during their program, before the deadline to apply for convocation, to indicate that they are pursuing the certificate.    

Students currently enrolled in University of Alberta undergraduate degree programs may pursue the Peace and Post-Conflict Certificate by fulfilling the requirements in their respective disciplines and completing ★27, including ★21 at the senior level, from the following courses:  


  • ANTHR 150- Race and Racism
  • ANTHR 485- Topics in Social, Cultural and/or Linguistic Anthropology*
  • AUPOL 248 Model United Nations/International Organization
  • AUPOL 348 Model United Nations/International Organization
  • CHRTC 339 International Service Learning
  • CHRTC 349 Social Justice and Christianity
  • DRAMA 507- Senior Projects*
  • HIST 114 The History of the World in the Last 10 Years
  • HIST 247- Africa in the 20th and 21st Centuries: From Colonial Rule to Modern Nations
  • HIST 295 20th Century Warfare
  • HIST 421- Topics in the History of Europe*
  • HIST 493- War and Society in the Modern World
  • INT D 375- Intercultural Exploration of Health and Practice in Italy
  • INT D 393- Political Sociology
  • INT D 404- Global Citizenship: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives
  • LAW 506- Public International Law
  • LAW 516- Dispute Resolution
  • LAW 593- International Environmental Law
  • LAW 599- Seminars on Specialized Legal Topics
  • NS 200- Aboriginal Canada: Looking Forward/Looking Back
  • NS 420 Negotiation Strategies
  • PHIL 270- Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 368- Topics in Social Justice
  • POL S 359- Topics in International Politics*
  • POL S 374- Politics and Society of Postcolonial Africa
  • POL S 445- Topics in Globalization and Governance*
  • POL S 459- Topics in International Politics*
  • POL S 460- Global Security
  • POL S 468- International Organization
  • POL S 469- Ethics in International Relations
  • SOC 343- Social Movements
  • SOC 369- Sociology of Globalization
  • SOC 477- Media and Cultural Globalization: Theory and Practice
  • RELIG 102- Introductions to Western Religious Traditions
  • RELIG 103- Introductions to Eastern Religious Traditions
  • RELIG 422- Advanced Studies in Islam
  • WGS 260- Women and War
  • WGS 310- Gender, Development, and Beyond
  • WGS 365- Gender, Conflict and Peace Building in International Relations
  • WGS 498- Topics in Women's and Gender Studies *


* Please contact the PPC Director, Interdisciplinary Studies, for eligibility of topic courses.  

 Please visit the Academic Calendar for full list of requirements.