Interdisciplinary Studies

Religious Studies Cross-Listed Courses (2018-2019)

Religious Studies scholarship is interdisciplinary in scope.  Although the Program offers courses in a variety of topics, students are encouraged to take courses on the topic of religion in other departments.  You may apply credits earned in many of these courses towards your degree in RELIG ST (note: 100-level courses may not be applied to the Major or Minor). 

Note: Courses marked with an asterisk can only be counted toward an RS degree with completion of a program exception form; please contact the Undergraduate Advisor (Neil Dalal, if you have questions. Please contact the professors if you have questions regarding prerequisites or preparedness for upper-level non-RELIG courses. This list was last updated March 2018. Corrections and updates may be directed to Dr. Dalal. Directed readings and thesis research courses have been omitted from this list.

For more information on these courses, please consult BearTracks or contact the offering departments. You can also contact Nicola DiNicola in Interdisciplinary Studies with any questions about the Religious Studies degree programs.

Fall 2018

  • Anthropology

    ANTHR 321 - Religions of China in Practice (J. DeBernardi)

    ANTHR 417 - Anthropology of Modernity (J. DeBernardi)

  • East Asian Studies

    EASIA 223 - East Asian Religions (D. Quinter)

    *EASIA 239 – Daoism and Chinese Civilization (D. Fried)


  • English and Film Studies

    ENGL 344 - Early Modern Literature and Culture: Milton (D. Gay)

    *ENGL 316 - Postcolonial Literature and Culture: Middle-Eastern Writing in English (L. Ouzgane)

  • History and Classics

    HIST 243 – The Golden Age of Islam: History of the Muslim World to the 16th Century (A. McDougall)

    HIST 272 – Religion in History (J. Kitchen)

    HIST 289 – Introduction to Classical India (D. Wujastyk)

    HIST 297 – The History of Christianity (J. Samson)

  • Philosophy
    PHIL 239 – Greek Philosophy and the Christian Tradition (C. Rodger)

    PHIL 438 – Topics in Indian Philosophy: Yoga Philosophy (N. Dalal)
  • Sociology

    SOC 376 - Sociology of Religion (S. Kent)

  • St. Joseph's College
    CHRTC 221 – Interactions between Indigenous Spiritual Traditions and Christianity (TBA)

    CHRTC 348 – A History of Christianity in Canada (I. Cuplinskas)

    CHRTC 350 – Science and Religion: Christian Perspectives (D. Lamoureux)

    CHRTC 390 – Neuroscience, the Persona and Christian Theology (P. Flaman)
  • Women's and Gender Studies

    *WGS 301 – History of Feminist Thought (F Lifshitz)

Winter 2019

  • Anthropology
    ANTHR 320 - Anthropology of Religion (TBA)
  • Art and Design
    * HADVC 211 – Buddhist Art of Asia (W. Davis)
  • East Asian Studies

    EASIA 323 – Topics in East Asian Religions: Edo and Modern Japan (D. Quinter)

  • English and Film Studies

    ENGL 305 – Literature and Religion (L. Harrington)

  • History and Classics

    HIST 387 – History of Indian Yoga and Meditation (D. Wujastyk)

    *HIST 488 – Topics in the History of Medicine: Ayurveda: The Science of Life (D. Wujastyck)

    HIST 490 – Topics in British Empire and Commonwealth History (J. Samson)

  • Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

    *C LIT 220 – Mythology and Literature (G. Kelly)

  • Philosophy
    PHIL 302 – Indian Philosophy (N. Dalal)

    PHIL 319 – Thomas Aquinas (M. Kostelecky)

    PHIL 357 – Philosophy of Religion (N. Kowalsky)

    *PHIL 359 – Topics in Christian Philosophy: Philosophy and Theology after the Holocaust (S. Masoud and C. Rodger)

    PHIL 399 – Religious Existentialism (T. Kover)
  • Sociology

    SOC 441 – Sociology of Religious Sects (S. Kent)

  • St Josephs College
    CHRTC 221 – Interactions between Indigenous Spiritual Traditions and Christianity (TBA)

    *CHRTC 266 – Jesus in the New Testament (TBA)

    *CHRTC 347 – World War II and Christians (I. Cuplinskas)

    CHRTC 350 – Science and Religion: Christian Perspectives (D. Lamoureux)

    CHRTC 354 – The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke (L. Zelyck)

    CHRTC 372 – The Theology and Spirituality of Eastern Christianity (D. Kuc)