Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Requirements

Program Requirements for the STS Major

The following six courses are required for all STS majors:
  • ANTHR 230 Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Environment 
  • C LIT 242 Science Fiction 
  • HIST 294 Introduction to the History of the Sciences, Technology, and Medicine 
  • PHIL 217 Biology, Society, and Values 
  • STS 200 Introduction to Studies in Science, Technology and Society
Students also take an additional *6 credit hours in science courses of their own choice, in addition to the *6 required for Arts BA degrees. (One of these additional two should be a perquisite for the other and both should either be courses offered by the Faculty of Science or recognized as science courses by that Faculty) (See also the STS page in the University Calendar)

Options Courses Complete the major by taking courses from a list of approved options which may be supplemented with other new or special topics courses. (See courses).  Focus your coursework around the themes that interest you, such as:

Science & Values

Choose courses in Biology, Society, & Values, Computers & Culture, Environmental Ethics, Women and Science, the History and the Sociology of Science, Technology and Society, and Science & Religion 

Environment, Science, & Society

Choose courses in Ancient & Contemporary Science, Technology & Medicine, Biology, Society, & Values, Environmental Ethics, Environmental Sociology, Economics of the Environment, the History & Theory of Design, and Environmental History 

Science & Culture

Choose courses in the Anthropology of Science, History & Theory of Design, Computers & Culture, Science Fiction Films, Cyber-literature, Digital Humanities, Media-Culture & Society, Videogames

History & Philosophy of Science

Choose courses in Ancient Science, Technology and Medicine, the History of Astronomy and Cosmology, the History of Medicine, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Computing, Risk, Choice & Rationality, and Philosophy of Space & Time

Program Requirements for the STS Minor

A minor in Science, Technology, and Society requires a minimum of 12 to *42 at the senior level selected from the list of courses approved for use toward the major, including at least 9 from the following: ANTHR 230, C LIT 342, HIST 294, PHIL 265, STS 200. (See also the STS page in the University Calendar)