WRS 201

Fall 2019

WRS 201: Peer Tutor Training in Writing

SEM A1 TR 11:00-12:20

Instructor: Jessica Friederichsen

Prerquisite: 3* in 100-level WRS course.

Students in this course will build both knowledge about and practice in working with peer undergraduates learning academic writing. They will read research and theory about commenting on peer writing, working individually and in groups with international students, and on delivering writing instruction in online environments. They will observe, critically reflect on, write about, and discuss intersections they see among the theory, research and practice to develop both practical skills and a theory/philosophy of coaching peer writers.  

Course assignments will include responding to readings; observing and reporting on Bridging Program WRS 101 tutoring sessions and/or WRS 102 online commenting sessions; reflecting on the research, theory, and observational experiences they have; and a research paper that brings together published academic sources and their own personal observations and experiences. Through these assignments, the students will learn about and apply concepts and principles from the course to their observations and experiences to gain informed insight into those experiences. This course will also help students to improve their interpersonal, communication and writing skills that will be useful to them beyond their work in the course and into their post-graduate opportunities and experiences.

Course Objectives:

1.To introduce students to the theories and concepts associated with tutoring writing online and with International students.

2.To provide students with opportunities to learn and develop strategies for helping peers improve their academic writing ability.

3.To prepare students to work effectively with others, especially in online environments and International students, to help them improve their writing.