International Institute for Qualitative Methodology

Thinking Qualitatively Workshop Series

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Workshop Dates: June 15-19, 2020

TQ is a five day interdisciplinary educational series held annually in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (the home of IIQM). This workshop series attracts participants from all academic disciplines at all stages of their career. Individuals conducting research in universities and colleges and/or professional settings as well as students and clinicians are welcome to attend. TQ allows participants to engage with experts in qualitative inquiry and learn about specific methods, techniques and approaches to qualitative research. 

Series Features: 

  • Full day Introduction to Qualitative Methods Workshop
  • Over 35 workshops focusing on qualitative methods and academic skills development
  • Daily Networking Opportunities

2019 TQ Poster Award

Congratulations to the 2019 TQ Poster Award recipients! The downstream role of registered dietitians in the context of dementia and long term care: A constructivist grounded theory study, Allison Cammer, University of Saskatchewan, Debra Morgan, University of Saskatchewan, Donna Goodridge, University of Saskatchewan, Susan Whiting, University of Saskatchewan.

From previous TQ attendees...

"Overall, the best atmosphere to new research discovery. Down to earth practical tips and mini group works. Fantastic, humble people to meet. Come unprepared and ready to learn."

"There are interesting sessions that apply to all levels of experience and skill. The workshops are interactive and presenters are friendly and interested in helping participants improve."

"I LOVE these workshops and presentations. I found them particularly useful when I was a doctoral students. And, even as a faculty member, I learn new things at this conference."