TQ2U Traveling Workshop Series

TQ2U is an international touring version of the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology’s (IIQM) globally acclaimed ‘Thinking Qualitatively’ (“TQ”) workshop series.

This workshop series attracts participants from all academic disciplines at all stages of their career. Individuals conducting research in universities and colleges and/or professional settings as well as students and clinicians are welcome to attend. TQ2U allows participants to engage with experts in qualitative inquiry and learn about specific methods, techniques, and approaches to qualitative research as well as skills development.

Thank you to everyone who attended, taught, & volunteered in Edinburgh and/or Manchester!


Check back later to see if TQ2U is coming to a city near you!

Locations of past TQ2U Workshops:

2018 - TQ2U: Manchester, UK
2018 - TQ2U Edinburgh, UK
2018 - TQ2U: Melbourne, Australia
2018 - TQ2U: Canberra, Australia
2017 - TQ2U: Bendigo, Australia
2017 - TQ2U: Manchester, UK
2017 - TQ2U: Australia (Sydney & Melbourne)
2016 - TQ2U: Dublin, Ireland
2016 - TQ2U: Australia (Sydney, Perth, & Brisbane)
2015 - TQ2U: UK/Ireland (Manchester & Dublin)
2014 - TQ2U: Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, & Perth)