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Need help with transcription services? We have compiled a list of known transcribers who have offered to have their services displayed on this page. Please contact the transcribers directly to discuss project details. 


Lynne Piil
Lynn is an experienced and dependable transcriber with over 15 years. Originally started out transcribing for film and television, she has expanded into working with researchers in marketing and transcribing interviews for PhD students at many universities. She has transcribed for health related projects for Sunnybrook, Mt Sinai and Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto. Lynn has a solid reputation of being skilled, accurate and able to meet tight deadlines. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at or 416-266-8582

Qualitative Research Courses 

Check back soon for information on qualitative research courses being offered in Fall 2017/Winter 2018!

Qualitative Research Courses