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Need help with transcription services? We have compiled a list of known transcribers who have offered to have their services displayed on this page. Please contact the transcribers directly to discuss project details.


Caroline Vandenberg
Caroline Vandenberg has over 30 years experience as a transcriptionist, with some legal experience at Court of Queen's Bench Court Reporters, as well as the majority of experience as a research transcriptionist. She has done transcribing for focus groups, telephone interviews, video conferences, as well as open-ended and semi-structured interviews funded by AHMR and MRC, both in office for IIQM Founder Professor Janice Morse and her colleagues. She has continued to work with her former employers and for other University of Alberta and private sector employers. She possesses 95 wpm computer speed and 99% accuracy. Excellent reference available upon request. You can contact her at or 587.599.6044.

Lynne Piil
Lynn is an experienced and dependable transcriber with over 15 years. Originally started out transcribing for film and television, she has expanded into working with researchers in marketing and transcribing interviews for PhD students at many universities. She has transcribed for health related projects for Sunnybrook, Mt Sinai and Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto. Lynn has a solid reputation of being skilled, accurate and able to meet tight deadlines. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at or 416.556.7954

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Stacy Maskell
Stacy Maskell is the Owner/Operator of Stacy Maskell: Professional Administrative Services, a professional transcription and document development and design company. She has over 9 years experience with academic transcription, specifically but not limited to, research. This includes 1-to-1 interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, and in-person interviews. She also has 20 plus years of administrative experience. Stacy is reputed to be professional, efficient, and produces accurate work in a timely manner. For more information you can reach Stacy at: 902.549.0877 or

Document Nation
"In an ongoing collaboration in several projects, Document Nation has efficiently transcribed over 1000 minutes of audios and has edited research articles for me. I am very happy with their precise verbatim transcriptions, meticulous editing services, punctuality, and their respect for ethics and confidentiality. I will continue working with them and highly recommend their services."
Aryan Karimi, PhD Candidate, at Department of Sociology, University of Alberta

Document Nation Contact Info:, 587.338.9168

Qualitative Research Courses (Fall 2018 / Winter 2019)

KRLS 370 - Assessment and Evaluation in Physical Activity for Children and Youth

Course Description:
An overview of basic qualitative and quantitative assessment principles and their use to deliver quality physical activity and recreation services for individuals with diverse needs. Prerequisites: KRLS 207 and KIN 109 or RLS 210 or STAT 141 or 151. Credit will be granted for only one of KRLS 370 or PERLS 370.

KRLS 581 - Scientific Inquiry and Qualitative Research Methodology

Course Description:
An examination of philosophical issues and contemporary research methodologies in the fields of physical activity, sport, recreation, and leisure. The emphasis of this course will be on qualitative inquiry. Credit will be granted for only one of KRLS 581 or PERLS 581.

NURS 513 - Qualitative Research

Course Description:
The focus of this course is on qualitative research approaches and includes an introduction to the philosophical foundations of qualitative methods. Emphasis is placed on the selection of appropriate methods to answer research questions; on data collection, analysis and interpretation of results; and on the appraisal of qualitative research literature. Attention is also given to knowledge synthesis, mixed methods, ethics in research, and knowledge translation in advanced nursing practice.

Please note: All Nursing courses are restricted to students in the Faculty of Nursing. Other students require consent of the Faculty of Nursing.

PSYCO 415 Qualitative Methods in Sociocultural Psychology

Course Description:
The assumptions that inform the design of qualitative research in sociocultural psychology; the procedures for gathering meaningful information through interviews, conversation, observed interaction, and textual archives; and the analysis of such information. Prerequisites: STAT 141 or 151, and PSYCO 212, and one of PSYCO 223, 233, 241, or 341. [Faculty of Arts]

SOC 418 - Qualitative Methods in Social Research

Course Description:
Further study of the design and evaluation of qualitative research strategies. Topics include participant observation, ethnomethodology, unobtrusive measures, and document analysis. Prerequisites: SOC 210 or consent of instructor.

SOC 518 - Qualitative Methods in Social Research

Prerequisite: SOC 418 or equivalent or permission of Instructor.