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Mixed Methods Webinar Series


The Mixed Methods Webinar Series is an online colloquium for those interested in Mixed Methods research. Connect to learn from and engage with internationally known researchers around a variety of topics linked to Mixed Methods. This new series kicked off in February 2016 and is co-presented by IIQM and the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA). In one-hour session, researchers will present as well as engage with registered participants to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences. You are invited to participate in there free webinars irrespective your discipline or career stage.

Upcoming Webinars:


Joseph Maxwell Demonstrating Causation in Mixed Methods Research

December 6, 2018 at 10am MST

This webinar deals with how mixed methods research can provide credible evidence for causal conclusions. Unfortunately, the topic of causation is a problematic one for researchers. The philosophical literature on causation is vast and complex, and most of it isn't of much use to researchers in the social sciences. In addition, many quantitative researchers are convinced that only quantitative (particularly experimental) methods can adequately address causation, while many qualitative researchers reject the concept of causation entirely, seeing it as a positivist concept that is incompatible with an interpretive or constructivist approach. My purpose in this webinar session is to challenge both of these views. I highlight those issues that are critical for, and of real use to, both qualitative and quantitative researchers, and show how these issues can inform and improve our ability to make and justify causal claims in our research.