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Mixed Methods Webinar Series


The Mixed Methods Webinar Series is an online colloquium for those interested in Mixed Methods research. Connect to learn from and engage with internationally known researchers around a variety of topics linked to Mixed Methods. This new series kicked off in February 2016 and is co-presented by IIQM and the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA). In one-hour session, researchers will present as well as engage with registered participants to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences. You are invited to participate in these free webinars irrespective your discipline or career stage.

Upcoming Webinars:


Elizabeth Creamer - Building an Integrated Mixed Methods Research Design

April 16, 2019 a 9:00am MDT

There is a difference between conceiving mixed methods research as a series of procedures that can facilitate integration, to one that conceives of integration as something that is embedded in the design of a study and throughout the way it is executed in ways that can never be fully anticipated at the onset of a study. Led by the current president of the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA), this workshop identifies some of the ways that an integrated perspective can be built into the design of a mixed methods research project.


1.    Conceiving the problem in multi-dimensional way.

2.    Approaching the literature in an integrated way.

3.    Welcoming dissonance.

4.    Interfacing with conventional designs.

5.    Interrogating paradoxes, gaps and silences through visualizations and joint displays.

6.    Constraining integration.