Academic Support

Your first year at university will be very exciting, but it might also feel overwhelming at certain times. Connect with the advisors at the International Services Centre to get some help, as well as to start building a relationship with the ISS team.

The ISS advisors will be able to answer many questions, but also connect you with many of the resources at UAlberta for academic success. At UAlberta you'll find:

Centre for Writers

The Centre for Writers (C4W) offers free individual tutoring as well as free hour-long group workshops for all students at the University. The C4W can help you improve your writing skills in general, as well as provide you with specific training on any type of work, including essays, research papers, theses, and grant applications. However, the C4W will not complete your assignments for you.

Tutors at the C4W are specially trained to help students from ESL and multilingual backgrounds - it is an excellent resource for international students.

Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre offers a wide variety of courses (most have associated fees) which are designed to help you succeed academically. Whether you need help preparing for exams, improving your study skills, or getting confidence for your next presentation, you can get this help through workshops or one-on-one consultations through the centre. Taking part in one of the centre's workshops, or booking an individual consultation, is a good idea if you're feeling like you need help adjusting to academic life at the University.

Decima Robinson Centre

The Decima Robinson Centre offers programs for students in math, engineering, and applied science courses, as well as review sessions before midterm and final exams.

Student Accessibility Services

Should you have a documented disability, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) can connect you the the resources and support you need to succeed. Whether you're facing mobility, vision, learning, hearing, or mental challenges, SAS can help.