International Student Services (ISS)

International Undergraduate Student Bursary

IUSB competition opens Monday, July 1, 2019.

What is the IUSB?

The International Undergraduate Student Bursary is a non-repayable grant paid directly into students’ financial customer accounts to pay outstanding tuition.

Selection for the bursary is based on demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to students in their final year of study who provide records of employment and sufficient documentation of extenuating circumstances.

Who can apply?

Undergraduate international students who experience an unanticipated financial shortfall due to extenuating circumstances.

How to apply?

To apply, log into Application for Financial Support and click “Apply” in the International Undergraduate Student Bursary section at the bottom of the page. Please ensure to completely answer all the required questions.

Application deadline: 23:59:59 (Mountain Standard Time), Sunday, August 4, 2019.

Please note: New IUSB applications will not be accepted after the application deadline. The application system is automated and closes automatically, thereby rejecting any application submissions after the deadline. You can continue to complete your application, and upload your supporting documents, right up to the deadline, Sunday, August 4, 2019.

If you are unsure of how to complete the content of this application, please email prior to the deadline. If you encounter technical difficulties using this application system, please call Student Financial Support (780-492-3113).


At the time of application, applicants must:

  • Be an international student in an undergraduate program leading to a degree at the University of Alberta
  • Be eligible to register in Fall 2019 term and was registered in the previous winter term (Winter 2019)
  • Be currently paying international student differential fees
  • Be in their 3rd  or 4th year of study
  • Have satisfactory academic standing
  • Have a valid study permit
  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Be available for an interview with an International Student Advisor, July 29 - August 16, 2019 
  • Students have not previously received the IUSB

Please note: Students who have previously received an IUSB non-repayable grant are not eligible to apply. 

Preference will be given to:

  • Students who have been employed during previous terms and in summer months—students should demonstrate a minimum contribution of $3000 saved from summer and/or term employment

Evaluations are based on:

  • Extenuating issues or conditions made evident through sufficient supporting documentation (please see “Supporting Documents” below for more information on the type of documents required)
  • Level of student contribution (at least $3,000 saved from summer and/or term employment to meet financial need)
  • Level of parental contribution
  • Tuition payment plan for the duration of studies
  • Terms left to complete studies
  • Supporting documentation provided
  • Student's level of an unanticipated financial shortfall
  • Students transferred from an articulation program must provide proof on how they plan to fund their degree to completion at UAlberta. 

Applications will be adjudicated following the IUSB assessment criteria.

Supporting Documents: 

This application will require you to provide several supporting documents that help us in our assessment of your eligibility for the IUSB funding. Read each question in the application carefully and provide the required supporting documents. 

Here are some examples of the required documents:

"Essays" Section: 

  • You will be asked to list of all money amounts received from your family/sponsor from the beginning of your program until now including deposit dates. You will also be required to provide copies of your bank statements which show these amounts/dates. Please provide pdf copies of the pages of your bank statements that have this information only making sure to highlight these amounts before scanning.
  • You will be asked to describe details of the change/extenuating circumstances that have negatively affected you financially. Supporting documents for this section may include death certificate of financial provider, medical reports, a letter from financial provider’s previous employer confirming termination of employment, financial statements of provider’s business account, etc.