International Student Services

International Student Work Experience Program

The International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP) offers funding and support for University of Alberta departments to hire international undergraduate students during the summer, providing students with opportunities to gain valuable Canadian work experience and develop skills. Funding for this program is received from the differential fees paid by international undergraduate students.

Information for Students

Employer Information

Interested in ISWEP funding for Summer 2017?

All University of Alberta departments and staff are eligible to apply.

Summer 2017 application deadline: Thursday, March 9, 2017

Apply for ISWEP Funding (Employers)

Application Process

Please provide as much detail as possible about the position summary, duties and career-related skill information. Preference may be given to those departments and/or positions that have not received funding in the past.

All applications are reviewed and ranked by a selection committee based on a number of factors including quality of work experience, hourly salary, number of weeks and hours per week offered. Departments will be notified on the status of the application by mid-March. Successful departments will be provided with further recruiting and administrative information.

Funding and Conditions of Employment

Approved positions will receive a subsidy of $7.00/ hour to a maximum of $4,000/position.

Students hired must be full-time University of Alberta undergraduate international students who pay the differential fee.

Approved positions must comply with the pay grades in the current collective agreement. A student hired at a step 1 of a grade level 1 would be paid $15.19 per hour (subject to change).

Participating employers must post approved positions on the online job board of University of Alberta's Career Centre targeting undergraduate international students. Student job applications are collected and vetted for program eligibility, and then sent to employers for shortlisting.

For more information about CAPS, contact Tonya Whelan, Work Experience Coordinator (780-492-3462,

Student Information

ISWEP summer jobs are a great way for you to gain valuable Canadian work experience and earn money while you study.

ISWEP summer jobs are posted on the Career Centre online job board beginning mid-April 2017.

The types of positions and duties vary; students with an assortment of educational backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply.

To be eligible, you must be a full-time undergraduate international student who has paid differential fees.

For more information, visit the Career Centre website or contact Tonya Whelan, Work Experience Coordinator (780-492-3462,