In an Emergency

Call 911

Call 911 on any phone (landline or mobile) connects you to emergency services, which include police, ambulance, and the fire department. If you call 911, you'll be immediately connected to a dispatcher, who will require information about the emergency you are dealing with, and where you are located.

>Some of the following are good reasons to call 911:

  • You or someone you are with has seriously injured themselves or is having a medical emergency (diabetic shock, extreme allergic reaction)
  • There is an out-of-control fire
  • You fear for your immediate safety
  • You are involved in, or immediately witness a serious vehicular collision
  • You, or someone you see or know, is about to commit serious self-harm or suicide

Emergency (Blue) Phones

There are many emergency phones located around the UAlberta campus. These phones are to be used for emergencies and reporting crimes in progress. Here are examples of when you should use an emergency phone:

  • You witness a vehicular collision
  • You see someone vandalizing a building
  • You witness a violent physical assault or altercation

Go to the Hospital

If you are seriously ill or injured, go to the nearest hospital emergency department (the University of Alberta Hospital is on-campus, and the emergency room entrance is on 112 Street and 85 Avenue). You can view the emergency room wait times at all Albertan hospitals online.

Those with less severe needs may have to wait many hours before being seen by a doctor. In less critical situations, visiting a medical clinic is a better choice. Remember to take your health insurance card and photo ID with you.

Sexual Assault Centre

A free, safe place on campus where unconditional support, confidentiality, respect, and advocacy are available for those affected by sexual assault. The Sexual Assault Center offers services over the phone or via e-mail at

Emergency Contacts

Keep your emergency contact information relevant by ensuring the people managing your emergency can inform the correct people. 

Who is an emergency contact? 

Emergency contacts are loved ones, such as a parent, spouse, or trusted friend. 
Your emergency contact is someone who will be notified if something happens to you. Your emergency contact should personally know you. Do not put yourself as your emergency contact. 

How many emergency contacts do you need? 

It is best to have at least two emergency contacts:
First contact: This should be a family member in your home country, preferably, someone who speaks English.
Second contact: This should be a back-up person, in case your first contact cannot be reached. Your second contact can be located in or outside of Canada, but they should be someone who can quickly get in touch with your immediate family and friends. This way, your contacts can work together, or if one is unavailable, the other can take charge.

Your emergency contact should also have access to your other family members, or close friends, who may want to know if you are in a health crisis. Does your emergency contact feel comfortable reaching out to your circle of loved ones? Do they have their phone numbers available for quick access? Will they know who you want to contact? Make sure your emergency contact is someone easy to get a hold of and is available. 

Update your emergency contacts in Beartracks

Emergency Grab Bag

Build your emergency grab bag; it should be small, light and located in an accessible area at all times, e.g. near your door. 

What does an emergency bag include? 

Use a small drawstring bag to hang your emergency bag at your door, include inside: 

  • Dust masks
  • First aid ‘energy food’ such as a protein bar or fruit bar
  • Battery-powered flashlight
  • Foil blanket – emergency Mylar rescue blanket
  • Hand cleaning towelettes such as a small pack of wet wipes
  • Lip balm
  • Winter hat
  • Wool mitts
  • Wool socks
  • Water
  • Your essential medications (small pack) 
  • Emergency contact list
  • Copy of insurance policy/card

You can purchase a student emergency essential kit for about $15.