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What to Expect Upon Arrival

When you enter Canada at the airport, you can expect to present your mandatory quarantine plan to a Canadian Border Services (CBSA) Officer. The CBSA Officer will establish if travel is non-discretionary. The UAlberta Isolation Accommodation Program includes all of the components of an acceptable quarantine plan.

It is strongly recommended you book your quarantine through the UAlberta Isolation Accommodation Program.  

If the CBSA officer questions you about the reason for entry, you may wish to point out the following to support your entry into Canada:

  • your ability to complete your quarantine as soon as you arrive at your final destination
  • your ability to study online during your quarantine OR will have time to complete your quarantine before you physically have to attend classes where applicable
  • you’ve already lived in Canada since the start of your program (for returning students) 
  • you need to be in Canada for your program (for laboratory work, workshops, or similar)
  • your school isn’t offering online study options
  • you can’t study online from your home country because of internet restrictions or bandwidth limitations
  • you can’t participate in live online classes from your home country because of the difference in time zones

The CBSA officer may direct you to a Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Officer, who will review your plan. 

Each of the 4 Port of Entry (POE) airports (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal) has a public health officer and does health screening:

  • If a traveller is deemed symptomatic by the public health officer at the POE airports, you will not be permitted to travel on to Edmonton. The officer will determine the next steps, which may include returning to your home country. 
  • Any non-essential traveller will also be sent back on the next flight.
  • It is important to show that your entry is deemed essential. 

Approved travellers can transit to their final destination in Canada.

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