International Student Services

Parent Info Session

Parent Orientation group sessions are only held in the fall, due to student volume being much larger. 

For any parents arriving with their student in the winter term, we offer a personal conversation with one of our advisors to answer any of your questions. Book an appointment by emailing

What is a Parent Info Session? 

Our Parent Info Session is an opportunity for parents and guardians, to learn about the various University services available to help support their children throughout their studies at UAlberta. 

Parent Info Session includes: 

  • A general overview of UAlberta’s services
  • An opportunity to experience a University lecture
  • A chance to hear about faculty expectations and any challenges international students may face
  • A free lunch

International advisors in the Faculty of Arts and Engineering, as well as international advisors from the International Services Centre, will present this session. 

Who should attend? 

Parents and guardians, who are currently visiting the University of Alberta and helping their children to settle into UAlberta campus.