International Student Services (ISS)

Peer Program

The Peer Program matches new international students (peers) with senior, UAlberta student mentors (senior peers). These mentors provide ongoing advice and information about life at the University of Alberta, and Edmonton.

Why join the program?

Participating as a peer is a great way to meet fellow students who are familiar with the University of Alberta, and who want to share their experiences and resources with you. Senior Peers have often faced the same situations and challenges as you, and they can provide casual advice to help you have a successful academic career.

Join the peer program

How does the program work?

Throughout the academic year, senior peer mentors offer social support, assistance, and guidance, through one-on-one meetings, and social activities. They share personal experiences with new international students (mentees) that ease the transition to university.

More information:

  • Peers are matched with a Senior Peer. Matches are based on your faculty and mutual interests.
  • Peers meet their Senior Peer for the first time at the official ‘Meet & Greet’ at the end of Transitions International Student Orientation.
  • Throughout the semester, Senior Peers stay in contact with their matches and organize events. Events can include going for coffee, playing sports, or joining in potluck dinners (Peers bring their favourite dish to share at a dinner party).

Who can join?

  • Peers (Mentees): New, first year undergraduate or graduate international students.
  • Senior Peers (Mentors): All current undergraduate and graduate UAlberta students are eligible to volunteer.