Carrie Malloy honored for her work in Global Education

Celebrating Carrie Malloy, a campus champion of global citizenship and understanding and 2020 Annual Support Staff Recognition Award Recipient

02 December 2020

To refugee newcomers on campus, she is a friendly face of welcome. To her colleagues, she is a hardworking and dedicated teammate with a keen sense of humour. To UAlberta students, she is a voice that champions global citizenship and intercultural understanding in the community. And in addition to all of those things, UAI’s Carrie Malloy is a truly compassionate and caring human being.

We are proud to celebrate Carrie, who has been named a recipient of a 2020 UAlberta Annual Support Staff Recognition Award. 

Since joining UAI in 2016 as Global Education Coordinator, Carrie’s contributions to UAlberta have been significant and far-reaching. Two key programs that Carrie coordinates are the Welcoming Newcomers Program, which supports refugee students who come to UAlberta, and International Week (I-Week), which brings speakers, artists and advocates from around the world to campus to explore pressing global issues. To those new-to-Canada students and international visitors, Carrie is the face of the university.

Whether collecting donations for students in need or building long-lasting friendships with students, It is important to Carrie that these students enjoy life in Canada and thrive as UAlberta students -- and it shows. 

“Carrie has many interactions with students, volunteers, staff, faculty, members of the community and visiting guests from around the world. She has an amazing ability to connect with people,” shares her supervisor, Nancy Hannemann, Director of Global Education at UAI. 

A true ambassador for the university, Carrie inspires students and partners alike with her friendly and sincere approach. When launching her efforts on the Welcoming Newcomers Program, Carrie solicited donations to ensure that arriving students had their basic needs met. “Her workspace was literally full of donations, from gently used kitchenware to brand new bedding,” remembers teammate Lisa Lozanski, Global Education Coordinator. “She empathizes. She offers reassurance and practical solutions. And amidst all of this, her genuine sense of optimism shines through.”

“Even during very demanding times, Carrie's sense of humour, can-do attitude and general groundedness has made her relatable and enjoyable to be around,” adds fellow Global Education Coordinator Leslie Weigl. “You will often find her smiling and laughing. She recognizes real challenges. She listens to others.” 

Always creative and looking to bring different facets to exploring global education, Carrie was determined to add laughter to the program mix and brought "eco-comedian" Kristina Wong to I-Week 2018. In another key role, Carrie curates a list of speakers for Global Goals Talks by consulting with faculty, staff and students to create rich and innovative experiences. Carrie also seeks to expose learners to different points of view, co-creating intercultural learning modules that are in use through a number of programs.

Carrie’s determination, combined with her passion for working with all different kinds of people, has fueled her many valuable achievements in the community as a strong representative of the university. She has the respect of the community and recently became the University's representative on the board of the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC).

“I have no doubt that, in the years to come, Carrie will continue to make significant contributions to the University,” shares Nancy. “If you asked Carrie to describe her problem-solving style, she would say, ‘If I see a problem, I run toward it’ -- and it's true.”